Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Song(s) of the Day # 3,157 CMAT


Those young people. They are good for some things. I'm grateful to my friend Molly, who's one of those, who put me onto this, a couple of days ago. 

'This' is CMAT, another young woman. One from Dublin called Ciara Mary Alice Thompson which she's shortened conveniently. Her debut album, 'If My Wife New I'd Be Dead.' which I unaccountably missed when first released in the Spring.

The title takes liberties with spelling. The record meanwhile takes liberties with Country & Western, but you'll forgive it when you hear it. It's the best Country & Western meets Pop music record I've heard in some time, but then, you don't really hear so many of those.

Ciara says that she wants to make music that sounds like 'The Nolans, making that record with Glen Campbell which would go on to be covered by Paris Hilton.' 

A laudable ambition and 'If My Wife...' makes an excellent stab at it. It has a beautiful, self-defacing wit and melodic charm that made me very happy. It's like Wet Leg with a better sense of humour and much better songs.

Occasionally it runs the risk of getting slightly samey, but generally it's a definite thumbs up from me. I've also seen that she's playing a small venue in my hometown next April. The same place where I saw wonderful gigs with Courtney Barnett and Aldous Harding in previous years. Will try to get tickets today. Thanks Molly!


  1. I meant to say earlier, but I really like this. Pop/country crossover of the year! Keep coming back to it. Just saw she is playing Brighton in December, but it has sold out... Oh, well. Thanks Bruce and Molly!

  2. It's a great record isn't it. Will definitely try to catch her when she gets to Newcastle next year. Molly gets all the credit.