Friday, September 23, 2022

Albums of the Year - # 93 Dendrons - 5-3-8



A band that sounds like some kind of dream union between Pylon, Gang of Four, Mission of Burma Talking Heads and Wire is always likely to get a favourable review on here. Although clearly not as good as any of these, Chicago band Dendrons latest 5-3-8 should interest anyone who loves any of those Post Punk titans.

Dendrons have clearly listened to all five. That's no crime of course. In fact all these bands seem to me to be bands you should listen to really. There's the musical record shop haunting elitist in me, but I've got so much from listening to them.

Dendroms it seems too. 5-6-8 is one you could certainly call Art Rock. Although its mode of attack is immediately apparent, it's all so jagged, urgent  and angular,, a music that never stands still for a moment, constantly forgnig forwards, certainly never dull.

Dendrons remain melodic never really tipping over the slope into noise and discord. 5-3-8's eleven tracks maintain shape and order. It's no mold breaker, its influences remain in your view throughout your listen, but they're chanelled extremely effectively to ensure a highly enjoyable listen.

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