Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Albums of the Year - # 95 Saba - Few Good Things


There's not much Rap or Hip Hop on my rundown of favourite albums this year. That was probably always the case.It was never top of my musical tree to be honest. Probably from Three Feet High & Rising to Illmatic was my peak listening phase for that kind of thing. So 1989 to 1994 then. And they, along with People's Investigative Travels and  Fear of a Black Planet will always remain among  my favourite records of all.

This isn't bad at all though. Saba's Few Good Things. Saba hails from Chicago and by the sound of this he's been around the block and learned a few things. He uses the 'n' word  a fair bit which always makes a wizened old liberal like me tut a bit. But this is socially aware and the beats are good.

Saba's three albums in now but frankly he sounds a lot more lived in and sage-like than that. He's got an old Afro American gent on the cover of the record surveying the flowers of his neighborhood on the cover after all. Not some young hoods throwing shapes and and showing off their firepower after all.

Few Good Things is a cool record which flows. The NME says'it's an album on a divine level' and I know where they're coming from.

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