Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Orchids - Dreaming Kind


The return of The Orchids is one of the more surprising musical moments of 2022. Formed in Penilee, Glasgow in 1985, their music is incredibly rooted in a time and place, though I'm constantly amazed by just how many people are still in thrall to that sound and how many young bands around who have no other motivation but to ape and recreate it, down to the last, tiny detail.

The Orchids time was the late Eighties and their place Sarah Records. They were one of Sarah's flag-bearing bands and their sound,  the sound of guitars jangling and seventeen year old hearts, falling in love and inevitably being broken.

Dreaming Kind evidences no musical development or growth of any kind from the band. Any such shift would be unnecessary and actually slightly rude. Bands like The Orchids aren't supposed to grow. Or change for that matter.

Thankfully they don't do either. Like The Bluebells, they're still Young at Heart. It's still 1987. It might as well be 1963 frankly. This is hardly a million miles from Summer Holiday after all. Nice boys with cool quiffs, white shirts and pressed jeans, singing clean cut songs that mums and dads wouldn't mind their kids listening to for a moment.

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