Friday, September 30, 2022

Albums of the Year # 86 A.R.Wilson - Old Gold



Something I might have missed, if a Pitchfork review hadn't piqued my interest. Australian A.R. Wilson goes back in time to the Victoria Gold Rushes of the 1850's on latest album Old Gold.

It's an entirely instrumental record. A series of evocative tunes that take you back to the campfire. Winding banjos, crickets chirping. Yesteryear.

Anyone who's ever enjoyed an Alaisdair Roberts or C.W. Stoneking record, or strangely the music on an Oliver Postgate TV programme from the Seventies, (particularly Bagpuss), might find something to enjoy here. It twangs.  Casts something of a spell if listened to in the early or twighlight hours.

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