Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Albums of the Year - # 96 Thee Sacred Souls - Thee Sacred Souls


Debut album from San Diego trio in a style that has become a sub genre all of its own in recent years and Quentin Tarantino could genuinely have a claim to setting the groundwork for in the soundtracks of Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. That neo Soul sound of the early Seventies, Delfonics, Stylistics and Chilites.

Thee Sacred Souls capture the sweetness of this sound to perfection. This is not a record that springs any surprises. If it did it would break the rules of this whole style of music and subsequently wouldn't work and the spell it is casting would be broken. This is utterly formuaic to the nth degreed but fans of this mood are not going to complain about for a moment.

The production values and pacing, the harmonising is pitched to perfection.Someting that sounds just effortless though you know very well how much work is required to achieve it. It's one to sit back in your seat and let wash all of you. If this is the kind of thing you go for, frankly you couldn't wish for any better. Masterful frankly.

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