Sunday, September 25, 2022

Albums of the Year # 91 Faye - You're Better


I was hooked by this, a few tracks in. You're Better, the debut album from Charlotte, North Carolina band Faye, cherry picks the best of female fronted American independent bands of the last thirty five years and come up with a proper peach pure and simple.

I was reminded of early Throwing Muses, Sleater Kinney and  Riot Girl in general. Clever, inventive rhythms, insidious melodies that make you want to play the record again to discover just how insidious they are.

I got impatient with the ads on Spotify during this one. Always a good sign. This has gone straight on my albums of the year playlist. I suspect it will feature rather high. That countdown will actually commence in a few short weeks.

Faye come from a place that you'll be familiar with if you like the stuff I've listen above. But they rake it to a place you'll be more than happy with. This is just an absolutely terrific record.

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