Thursday, September 29, 2022

Albums of the Year # 87 Built to Spill - When The Wind Forgets Your Name



I love it when wizened veteran, stalwart bands like Built To Spill return to the fray. It's a reminder of what this all about. Not necessarily about the fame or glory, though I guess that's part of it too, but most of all about people who started all this a while back, but still want to continue to tell their story.

This lot formed in Boise, Idaho in 1992 and are still trudging down the road. They're mostly Doug Martsch these days. Their line up has varied consistently over the years and now he changes the people he plays with for every record to keep things fresh.

When The Wind Forgets Your Name, their ninth album, out on Sub Pop records, is one consistently mighyt record. A product of small town America. A place where the geeks congregate in the record shop for a chat about Beat Happening, then proceed to the comic shop, with a possible stop over at the Dungeons & Dragons store.

This is as good a description as I can give the record. It's about obsessions you pick up in childhood which last a lifetime. It's full of beautifully crafted Pop / Rock songs with guitar solos that sound vaguely medieval and sung by Martsch in that dweebie, indie style favoured by the likes of Wayne Coyne, Jad Fair and Dean Wareham that tell you immediately where you are, what this is, and also instantly re-assures you, if you are a constituent of this stuff that you will enjoy this, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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