Saturday, March 8, 2014

Song of the Day # 49 - Chicory Tip

In 1972 one group scalped their guitars, torched the drumkit and  left the moog to drive alone, not just placing it centre stage but making it the heart of their sound, the reason for their existence. The name of the group? Chicory Tip
My parents moved back from Zimbabwe, (then Rhodesia) in 1972. It was slap bang in the middle of glam. This is the first thing I heard I can remember liking. I was 6. I'm now 48 but it still does it for me. Chicory Tip were, probably deservedly, much derided as bandwagon jumpers. They got themselves togged up in utterly bizarre glam clobber on occasions. Best known for their Giorgio Moroder moog driven Number One, Son of my Father, this was the follow up I think and reached the UK Top Twenty. Morrissey and Marr apparently chased halfway across the country together trying to track down a copy of another of their singles Good Grief Christina, (a very Morrissey title that). Here they are in their pomp.
'His (David Bowie's) chameleon changes were mimicked on a more prosaic level by Chicory Tip who went from denim rockers to full Martian costume overnight.'

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