Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Discarded 9th Track from Television's 'Marquee Moon'

A highly unlikely tale this. And quite the worst song I've ever posted on here. But this snippet was revealed by Tom Verlaine in an interview on www.tasteinmusic.com on the superb The Wonder Site which is in tribute to Television and Verlaine. This anecdote perhaps as well as anything explains Verlaine's deeply  personal idiosyncrasies and how he never managed to convert his indisputable talents into commercial payload. Perhaps he never really wanted to.

'What’s the song that you still connect with most, emotionally? I do sound like a shrink!

[Laughing] Yeah. Well, it’s the song we left off Marquee Moon, it was a cover version of a song called Sink the Bismarck, which was a kinda honky, country, rocky tune by a guy named Johnny Horton. He had two big hits – Sink the Bismarck and North to Alaska – both those songs are very dear to the Television guys. We thought it wouldn’t quite work on Marquee Moon so we left it out. We’re thinking of doing a 20-minute version in Marquee Moon because that’s the real Marquee Moon is that cover song, which really says it all about us.'

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