Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Garage Bands # 5 - The Music Machine

Interesting one this one. LA Garage Band who were players for a few seasons alongside Love, The Seeds and Standells. Led by Sean Boniwell. They dressed in black and band members wore a glove to set them apart. Were pretty much gone by the end of '67. Their first album Turn On is worth tracking down. The record label made them shove a few covers on to help it out. Even their takes on these are worth listening out for. Very distinctive version of Taxman.
1. Talk Talk - their sole top 20 hit.
2. Come On In - B Side to Talk Talk. Nice Doors thing.
3. The People In Me - Follow up to Talk Talk. Stalled in the 60s in the US Billboard Charts.
4. Cherry Cherry
5. Some Other Drum

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