Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I really liked Iggy Pop's speech when The Stooges got inaugurated into The Hall of Fame. Finally. So I'd like to add an addendum...
'Stooges. You were cool. So was MC5. James Brown. You were cool. Link Wray. Gene Vincent. Elvis. Ray Charles. Doo Wop. Dion. Nuggets bands. Velvet Underground. Very cool. Lou Reed. Otis Redding. Creedence. Bob Dylan. Arthur Lee. Kinks. Stones. Who. Motown. Atlantic Stax. Cramps. Sly. Cool! Northern Soul. Punk Rock.Television. New York Dolls. Suicide. Modern Lovers. Debbie Harry, CBGBs. Sonic Youth. R.E.M.. Minutemen. Public Enemy. Smiths. Prince. Dexys Midnight Runners. Devo. Pere Ubu. Ramones. Bowie. Roxy. Brian Wilson. Ronettes. Trip Hop. Can. All cool!'
Have I missed something? Or included something that's not cool.

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