Thursday, March 13, 2014

Os Mutantes

'The explosion of invention in mid-60s pop was starting enough to anyone listening on the Anglo-American axis. Imagine how it must have felt in a place wee music followed rigid traditional guidelines and 'pop' was the province of fife and drum bands. When a particularly insane rock trio called Os Mutantes (The Mutants) unveiled a mischievious wayward hybrid of Pepper Beatles, Piper Floyd and Disraeli Cream having a bossa-nova jam - at a popular Brazilian music festival in September 1967 no one was too surprised when the crowd started booing and throwing things, or when the use of guitars was subsequently banned at the festival.
....Inspired by Sgt Pepper to experiment in the studio, their more peculiar inventions included using aerosol sprays in place of cymbals an serving a meal in the vocal booth and recording the prandial proceedings. One miht assume they were familiar with psychedelic drugs. n fact the Baptista brothers(the group's mainstays) were naturally bizarre enough not to need any chemical assistance and didn't sample acid until they visited London in 1970.'

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