Sunday, March 9, 2014

Album by Album # 4 - The Stranglers

At points a nasty, brutish, misogynistic and misanthropic bunch. All the same a great Rock' n' Roll band. Here's a song from every album up until Aural Sculpture after which I couldn't really tell you.

1. Rattus Norvegicus
Goodbye Toulouse. About Nostramus prediction of the destruction of that town.
2. No More Heroes
Opening song I Feel Like a Wog is utterly unforgivable on every level. Decent, generally organ driven album. This is Bitchin'
3. Black & White
Great album. Particularly the first side. This is Toiler on the Sea. Fabulous Shadows like intro. This song gave A Flock of Seagulls their name.
4. The Raven
Another very strong album. I could easily choose five or six songs from this. I chose Baroque Bordello.
5. The Gospel According to the Men in Black
Not an album I know. Sounds a little more electronic than their earlier records. This is Two Sunspots.
6. La Folie
The source of their big single Golden Brown. Here's the title track sung by bassist Jean Jacques Burnel.
7. Feline
That is not a good album cover. Some decent songs again. This is Blue Sister.
8. Aural Sculpture
Frankly they're beginning to plod and sound a bit middle aged. The big single Skin Deep is probably the best thing on here.

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