Saturday, March 2, 2024

Revolutionary Spirit - Paul Simpson - # 8 The Wild Swans


It's worth reminding yourself, as you make your way through this absolute classic set of memoirs, that the band the author fronted were actually little more than a footnote in the larger scheme of things. They never had an actual hit single. Or even threatened to do so.

This was the closest they came. And it's the song that everyone remembers them for. It still sounds wonderful and speaks of the particular but definite talent their author boasted. This at the time when Simpson shared a cool flat in a leafy suburb of Liverpool with Bunnymen drummer Peter De Freitas and his motorbike.

The Bunnymen were just breaking big with Heaven Up Here, to my and many others reckoning, their imperial moment. I was consumed when I was seventeen by this record, a couple of years after its actual release.

Courtney Love, has moved to Liverpool to pester Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch years ahead of her own rise to fame.She and her friends move in with Simpson and De Freitas and Courtney amuses all and sundry with boasts of how huge a star she personally will be one day.

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