Monday, July 19, 2021

Song of the Day # 2,732 Inhaler


Everywhere I look over the last week or so I've seen adverts for the debut album by Inhaler called It Won't Always be Like This. I listened to it yesterday blind, not knowing anything more about the band.

I was struck instantly by how immediate it was. A record executive's dream. Sounding initially like a band who had modelled themselves on The Killers. Taking vaguely leftfield gestures and impulses and positing them firmly in the mainstream.

As I listened further, other comparisons came to mind. Anthemic fist raised types of the sort that has been big since my youth. Springsteen, The Clash, The Alarm, early U2.

Early U2 came increasingly to mind. That roter blade The Edge guitar sound. The singer sounding just like Bono did on Boy and October. That yearning quality. Eeerily so the more the record played.

I went into the Record Shop across the road from where I lived looking to order a copy of Grandaddy's Software Slump. Apparently it's not available except at highly excessive prices, though no doubt it will come back into circulation.

I mentioned the record to the owner behind the counter who's always friendly and said how commercial it sounded. All was revealed. The lead singer of Inhaler is Elijah Hewson, Bono's son. I've since discovered that the record has gone straight to Number One in the UK albums charts.

It all falls into place. I'm not going to use this as an opportunity to slag Bono or U2, though they're not my favourite band and he's not my favourite singer or a hero of mine. The connection is so remarkable though once you here Elijah's voice.

Inhaler will continue to do enormously well though I won't listen to the record really. This sound isn't my personal cup of tea. But it will be lots and lots of other peoples. It's in the genes.

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