Saturday, July 17, 2021

Clairo - Sling


The best new record I heard this weekend, though it hasn't been a bumper one particularly. Anyhow, Clairo's second album Sling is definitely one worth cupping an ear to.

It's definitely a record charting the concerns of 'youth'. The NME tells me that among its concerns is Clair Cottrill (for she is Clairo), musing about getting a new puppy and a song she wrote about a male colleague looking down her blouse. If as with Arlo Parks recently, I can't fullyendorse all of the lyrical concerns here, because they're so far away from where I personally am at the moment, I can fully get behind the record. It's a very good one.

Cosy and intimate, snug, reminiscent of early Seventies records from the likes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter. Mining in some ways the same nostalgia seam as Weyes Blood tapped into so successfully for Titanic Rising a couple of years back, This is a diaristic travelogue of early twenties daydreaming.

The record is an incredibly easy listen. Honeyed vocals, gentle rhythms. Sling marks Clairo out as one to watch. A quiet, assured talent.

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