Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mega Bog - Life, and Another


I was enthralled by Mega Bog's last album Dolphine, which came out in 2019. It was a fascinating record. Murky, twisted and blessed with the most beguiling melodies which wormed there way deeper and deeper inisde me with every listen.

So I was very pleased to see another record from Erin Begy, who is essentially 'the Bog' coming up the pike. Life, and Another arrived yesterday and I'm on my second play, and pleased to report it already gets a thumbs up.

Mega Bog is an unusial artist in that you have to live with her records fror a while before you can truly say you know them. I immediately like this record but I'm not quite sure how much. It takes the basic ingredients of Dolphine and twists them into new shapes. It's no mere retread.

Laurie Anderson is probably the artist that comes most to mind though Begy is much more concerned with melody and surface conventional song structures than Anderson ever was. But there's a quirky and angular approach that is very reminiscent of Anderson.

Begy can also be quite 'witchy' in the way Kate Bush used to be. Her songs are just fascinating. They can be jazzy and folky but most of all there's a fierce and determined individuality about everything here that's incredible refreshing. There may be basic reminders of Anderson and Bush occasionally, but she's her own person.

She takes a while to reveal her gifts as I said. I'm on my third play now and the layers are still shedding. That's the sign of a good record and a proper artist I'd say. This will certainly be on my end of year albums list and I imagine rather high.

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