Saturday, December 3, 2022

Albums of the Year # 23 Green / Blue - Offering



Instant, instant love for this one and I suspect already that it might be my leftfield, underground American guitar record on here. There are generally a couple of those on  It Starts. Previously Lawn, (on a couple of occasions), Wild Firth and Warehouse, among others, have done this for me.

The record Offering the second album from Minneapolis band  Green / Blue kicks off 
with first track Talking to Myself  in an uncannily similar fashion to the start of my favourite ever album and my favourite ever discovery of this type. 

An odd electronic sound, like some kind of electronic static and then the band kick in with wild rickety abandon and you know almost immediately that you're in very safe hands and that you're going to listen to a record you'll enjoy very much indeed.

Yes Talking to Myself  reminded me in the way it set off off the way Radio Free Europe kicked off Murmur in 1983 and Offering continued to offer that same mysterious, tangled, youthful thrill for the course of its run.

It's not as good as Murmur was. Very few thing are, but it has a very similar drive and determination. It sounds like a record that people were waiting for somewhere. I'm happy with that

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