Sunday, December 25, 2022

Songs of the Year # 1 The Stroppies

Songs of the year are of little importance these days now we all listen to such different things all the time and the Singles Charts are irrelevant. It's not like we're living in 1982 where John Peel is religiously broadcasting his listeners broadly similar tastes on his Festive 50 or countless earnest NME readers are trying to decide whether they prefer Party Fears Two, Glittering Prize or The Back of Love.

But this is probably my most played new song of the year and it comes from one of my favourite albums. Australians The Stroppies' Material Conditions off their Levity LP, a love letter to everything that was so great about Antipodean Underground Pop of the Eighties. Everything that put me in complete thrall to The Go-Betweens, The Clean, The Chills and countless others. On Material Conditions they have enormous fun with the spectacular riffage on Television's Venus one of my very favourite tracks. Then they have some more enormous fun. And then some more. Good work Stroppies.


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