Sunday, December 18, 2022

Albums of the Year # 8 Fortunato Durrutti Marinetti - Memory's Fool



I think by happenstance, I've just stumbled across one of my favourite records of 2022. In the absence of new records from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed and Grant McLennan, it's wonderful to have records like these to remind you of and further their legacy. These were the artists I was reminded of most when listening through to this, Memory's Fool, the latest, astonishing album from Toronto musician Fortunato Durrutti Marinetti.

Inevitably, you may get fairly regularly reminders of the greats while listening to new stuff, but the records that usher in those reminders themselves are rarely as great themselves as this one clearly is. Born in Turin but residing in Toronto, Marrinetti has been playing in bands, releasing records and touring America in a Volvo Station Wagon for twenty odd years to a generally indifferent response. This is the second album's he's released under his own name. During these years it's clear he's nurtured and tended a worn but wry sagacity which have allowed his music to ascend to the level of easy mastery that's on display here. He's very, very good indeed. 

It's a record that needs to be heard by anyone who has ever treasured songs or albums by the likes of those mentioned above. Or Van Morrison. Or indeed David Berman. Or for that matter Bob Dylan.The more I listened to this the more frankly I was astounded by it. It's very much in the traditions of the musicians I've mentioned here. Particularly the three deceased masters Cohen, Reed and McLennan. Frankly their fingerprints are everywhere. But Marinetti does their memory and legacy full justice here as well as adding his own signature touches .

This is a record I lived with and listened to for a while before writing and posting this. It seemed to warrant it. Any record that has the intense lyrical scrutiny of Cohen, Reed and McLennan and something else of their own, needs a little time to process and do justice to. 

There are just seven tracks here. But don't worry, you won't get short changed. The majority of them strench from six minutes to nine. They're narratives of purgatory to some degree, not comfortable in their skin but confident of their moral compass.This is a fine, fine album indeed and one I'll be returning to again and again over the coming months.

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