Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Songs of the Day # 3,254 Jim Nothing


I'm easily pleased. I know what I like. If I start listening to a record and hear the germs of something that does something for me, then I will persist.

This was the case when I started listening to In The Marigolds, the latest record by Jim Nothing just the other day.

Jim Nothing are not an individual. They're a combo, a band, and they hail from Christchurch, New Zealand. and contain a member of Salad Boys, who that gave me such a delightful start to 2019 with the superlative This is Glue.

They start songs that make you wonder which Velvet Underground song you are going to hear next; We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together, Venus in Furs or Waiting For The Man. That is a good think btw.

They harmonise like The Pastels or Black Lips, i.e. deliberately badly. They wallow in a slightly put on ineptitude. They are the new, definitively weak, indie gang that have just moved to your neighbourhood. They give you the sense that they have a few Lemonheads and Jesus & Mary Chain records and are here to release their own take on them.

They are a very good thing. I enjoyed In The Marigolds very much and commend Jim Nothing to you without reservation.