Thursday, December 15, 2022

Albums of the Year # 11 Kikagaku Moyu - Kumoyu Island



It's been neglectful of me not to share my thoughts on this. Kumuyo Island, the fifth and apparently final album from Japanese enigmatic longhairs Kikagaku Moyo.

KM have been putting out records and touring globally for ten years now, delighting fans of Jap Rock and Krautrock whose noble legacy they revere and further.

Now, apparently, they've decided on a hiatus. Whether temporary or permanent we're not yet sure. Regardless of which transpires this is a fine record, to bemoan their departure from the stage and hope for an encore at some remove.

With a band like this and textures as intricate and alluring as these, you do wish you understood their native tongue so you could have a greater understanding of what's going on though perhaps explicit understanding is not really required here..

The band name translates as Geometric Patterns and in some ways that's all you really need. From the off they've always made a beautiful and intriguing noise.

Never more so than here. This for the moment is a beautifully realised final act. Whatever comes next, they won't be forgotten.

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