Sunday, December 25, 2022

It Starts With a Birthstone - Albums of the Year 2022


 Records I liked this year. By no means definitive. I only came up with a Number One that seemed right a few days ago, so was shuffling and changing right to the end, chucking out records that I loved along the way. I guess this describes my musical year fairly well though. I was a little bit 'Indie' for the most part in 2022. Perfectly happy with that. It also shows that female artists are generally the spine of my taste these days. There might be something in here you'd like to investigate further. Here's my favourite music related photo of me this year. That's me with Richard Dawson, a local hero where I live. I happened to bump into him in a quiet Saturday evening at my local in Newcastle and he was the most delightful of people. Giving a lot of his time incredibly generously and allowing me this fabulous photo too. Wonderful man. 

  1. Joan Shelley - The Spur
  2. Big Thief - Dragon New Mountain I Believe in You
  3. Naima Bock - Giant Palm
  4. The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention
  5. Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes
  6. Aldous Harding - Warm Chris
  7. Bill Callahan - YTILAER
  8. Fortunato Durrutti Marinetti - Memory's Fool
  9. Horsegirl - Versions of Modern Performance
  10. Nilufer Yanya - PAINLESS
  11. Kikagaku Moyu - Kumoyu Island
  12. Santigold - Spirituals
  13. Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
  14. Kevin Morby - This is a Photograph
  15. Katy J Pearson - Sound of the Morning
  16. Say Sue Me - The Last Thing Left
  17. Gwenno - Tresor
  18. Wilco - Cruel Country
  19. Lady Wray - Piece of Me
  20. The Stroppies - Levity 
  21. Jake Xerxes Fussell - Good & Green Again
  22. Beach House - Once Twice Melody
  23. Green / Blue - Offering
  24. Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Dear Scott
  25. Hurray For The Riff Raff - LIFE ON EARTH 
  26. Belle & Sebastian - A Bit of Previous
  27. Sessa - Estrella Acesa
  28. Ezra Furman - All Of Us Flames
  29. Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra - The Unfolding
  30. Park Jiha - The Gleam
  31. Laura Jean - Amateurs
  32. Kiwi Jr. - Chopper
  33. Mattiel - Georgia Gothic
  34.  Dry Cleaning - Stumpwork
  35. String Machine - Halleujah Hell Yeah
  36. Smidley - Here Comes The Devil
  37. Jesca Hoop - Order of Romance
  38.  Elvis Costello & The Imposters - The Boy Named It
  39. Jonathan Personne - Jonathan Personne
  40. Silvana Estrada - Marchita
  41. Vinyl Williams - Cosmopolis
  42. Seapower - Everything Was Forever
  43. Aoife Nessa Frances - Protector 
  44. Erin Rae - Lighten Up
  45.  Father John Misty - Chloe & the Next 20th Century
  46. Young Guv - Guv IV
  47. C. Duncan - Alluvium
  48. Papercuts - Past Life Regression
  49. Daniel Rossen - You Belong Here
  50. Moor Mother - Jazz Codes


  1. Great work again, Bruce! Still don't know how you manage to post everyday, but glad you do.And thanks for introducing me to lots of new stuff. Always look forward to see what you are posting. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Many thanks Darren. I'm very grateful for your support. I don't know how I manage to post every day either. It's just become a habit I'm reluctant to break. I get the reward of all this fabulous music I guess. Hope you had a great one too.