Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Song(s) of the Day # 2,685 Henrik Appel


Swede Henrik Appel and his second album Humanity from earlier this year. It's jagged Psychedelia in many respects, but spiced up by sound and attitude which seems sourced from late Seventies New Wave. Rather like Syd Barrett fronting Wire or The Soft Boys. Or Patrik Fitzgerald or Julian Cope really cutting loose.

Anyhow it's a very good record, songs that rise, swell and grow thorns that draw blood. Songs fuelled by a definite energy that take you back to a distant age when you could turn on your radio and hear new songs like this with genuine bite on a daily basis.

One of those records that you hear a track and think 'that's great' then hear another and think, that's even better. Humanity comes on like a Best of from a fabulous, obscure band you've never heard before from decades back. A thin tie, angry classic.

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