Monday, June 28, 2021



And to continue the Funky theme. SAULT the mysterious UK ensemble are back with a new album 9. It comes with an interesting concept. Available for just 99 days so get it while you can. You should do so. It has all the hallmarks of what makes them such a fascinating proposition.

This stuff is definitely cool. A much abused term but in this case it applies. Every moment of 9 is eminently groovy. R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz and  Funk ryhthms and grooves stirred into a delicious stew. They rarely seem to put a foot wrong.

It's heartening to see such positive and deeply conscious music in these difficult times. SAULT are not alone. Greentea Peng, Little Simz,(who guests here), Arlo Parks, St.Panther and more. SAULT are more combative than most of their contemporarues but they also know how to dim the lights and get intimate as on Bitter Sweet. In many ways they're the most exciting new arrival for this kind of music and vibe since Massive Attack first came up the pike.

The artistry flows from this record like warm honey. Shifting the mood up then slowing it down at will, 9 is choc full of wonderful surprises. This bunch are so prolific that you expect their next release won't be very long. But it's well worth pausing to appreciate and enjoy this magnificent statement. 

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