Sunday, June 20, 2021

Aldous Harding - Old Peel


I'm truly a fan of the individual, the eccentric as this blog increasingly attests. Hey, I'm still recovering from the impact of the latest St. Lenox record from earlier on this week. Courtney Barnett is probably my favourite artist of the last decade. Have I established my credentials?

In this respect Aldous Harding is probably just made for me. Hers is the kind of leftfield kookiness that I can entirely endorse as it seems to be underpinned by an essentially offbeat and wonderful vision rather than careerist or showy instincts.

A couple of years back I saw Aldous play in a tiny club in my hometown. It was one of the best gigs I've seen for years. Ever perhaps. At the end of the night she played this as the final song of her final encore. Now she's released it, apparently as a one off statement rather than as a forerunner of an imminent album. Never mind. It says pretty much all that needs to be said about how great she is. Sometimes you have to wait and it's worth the wait!

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