Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Joan Armatrading - Consequences


Joan Armatrading's new record Consequences has just got an Album of the Week review in The Guardian. Also a well deserved eulogy to her talents by their main writer Alex Petridis. That's just great to see and listening to the record now it's more than worthy of that status. Armatrading is a very particular artist. One who has consistently put out great records for over forty years, and though she's always sold plenty to the contingency that appreciate such things, it feels like she's never quite got the critical acclaim and credit that her talent deserves.

Consistency and modesty are key factors with Joan. She's always sold fine, always had her audience while never quite ever getting the critical acclaim that she deserves. Perhaps this is changing a bit now as people start to realise how much a part of their lives her songs and albums are.

Consequences gives us an opportunity to appreciate her if one is needed. It's a rich, warm and positive record. Just what you'd expect. It's a record that celebrates life which is also just what you'd expect. It's full of great songs. Which is... OK you can see where I'm coming from here. Really, she's just pretty much wonderful in every way. 

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