Monday, June 28, 2021

Song(s) of the Day # 2,711 Doja Cat


This is turning out to be a very groovy and funky year indeed. SAULT, Greentea Peng and Little Simz and more on this side of the pond. And here comes Doja Cat from LA to add a little full on sexuality to the dancefloor with her latest record. Planet Her.

Perhaps best sampled in three minute bursts rather than in its entirity, but hard to beat in this respect. Amala Diala, for she is Doja Cat, has something of Missy Elliot and Jaenelle Monae to her, but brings plenty of her own thing to the party.

 Best of all is Kiss Me More, which conciously lifts the hook from Olivia Newton John's Physical and makes it seem like a very good thing. It's surely one of the songs of the year and Planet Her has plenty more going for it too.

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