Sunday, June 20, 2021

Song(s) of the Day # 2,697 Marina Allen

 A song of the day I ommitted to actually post a few days back:

There's such an enormous glut of female singer-songwriters on the market nowadays that I almost don't want to isten to them all. Not that there aren't some excellent records of that type all the time but it does become somewhat difficult for artists working within this format to distinguish themselves sometimes.

Marina Allen's debut mini-album Candlepower, does a decent fist of thing in this respect. It's a sweet and tender record that takes its lead from Joni as many of these records do. What Allen has going for her most of all  is a wonderful voice. Thick and nuanced, it captures your attention immediately.

The songs here are also of merit, robust and nuanced. Candlepower, may not be long enough, at just seven tracks, to quie make the front page, but there's more thn enough here to mark Allen out as a talent to watch.

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