Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Silver Synthetic - Silver Synthetic


Utterly undemanding. Almost like MOR for the All Tomorrow's Parties set. New Orleans' Silver Synthetic's eponymous debut album rides into town, heads into the saloon and takes its place at the bar alongside the other rocking hombres.

Somewhere between Teenage Fanclub, Kurt Vile, early Kings of Leon and Cosmic Rough Riders, Silver Synthetic is utterly loose and at ease in the saddle. Favouring being laid bad to fully rocking out the record chugs along like the most dependable part of the posse.

There aren't any particular surprises at any point. The record establishes and maintains a melodic and assured cantering groove  for itself and keeps it going all the way back to the ranch.

You can't help but feel that Bobby Gillespie, Alan McGee and possibly even 'Whispering' Bob Harris would wholly approve of this. Take it Easy, as someone once advised. By the end of my first listen I had a lovely, warm, inner glow.

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