Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Song(s) of the Day # 2,712 Flowertown


You already have a vague idea of what your going to hear when you listen to a record put out on the American Paisley Shirt Records. A certain wanness, fragrant jangling guitars and a general preoccupation with the Eighties C-86 or the Mid-Sixties West Coast Pop sound. Or possibly both.

The eponymous debut from San Francisco's Flowertown doesn't stray far from this given formula. Somewhere between Mazzy Star and The Velvet Underground their songs are disembodied, the vocals barely there, recalling Spiritualised's Jason Pierce and the way he threatened sometimes to collapse into a coma mid-song.

There's something of the early Jesus & Mary Chain to proceedings. It's all too cool to care. Slightly too obviously derivative to be absolutely essential, Flowertown is nevertheless a well put together collection of songs. Easy listening for the checked shirt and leather jacket set.

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