Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Song(s) of the Day # 2,706 BLK JKS


Johannesburg's Blk Jcks, (Black Jacks, hey that's clever), have been together for over twenty years, so I'm late on this particular case. On latest record, Abantu / Before Humans they present an interesting, ever shifting front. 

Melding elements of Jazz, traditional African music, Pop and Rock, this is immediately approachable abd ibscure at one and the same time, like so much of the most fascinating music.

This is fascinating, layered stuff. Mixing up the languages of their vocal delivery. Abantu / Before Humans doesn't necessarily offer an easy entry point for the non-partisan listener but it's great listening to the dialogue constantly at play. This is music in discussion with itself.

After a couple of plays I'm stilll not exactly sure what's going on here. But I'll be back to investigate further. One of the most interesting records I've heard for a long time.

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