Wednesday, June 9, 2021



Tonight we're going to party like it's 1979. The Post Punk revival continues. Vancouver NOV3L's turn at the wheel with their debut album NON-FICTION. Sounding like an early Factory band, the record is an easy listen, full of tightly wound, melancholic, paranoid tunes and moods.

If there's no effort here to move the conversation on, a constant frustration of records of this type,  NOV3L do a good job given the remit they've set themselves.NON-FICTION is sparky and angular and keeps up the momentum it sets from the off.

It many ways this comes across as Dark Pop record. The tunes are good despite their pessimistic edge. NOV3L may not exactly live up to their name but they do simulate that long coat, monochrome, Futurama moment as well as you could possibly hope for.

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