Saturday, October 29, 2022

Song(s) of the Day # 3,195 Burning Hell


Burning Hell a fabulous band that I was unaware of who have just come across my radar by chance. Here are some songs from Garbage Island from earlier on this year which showcase their considerable gifts and craft.

Rinky Dink DIY essentially, which always catches my attention. I've always been drawn towards artists operating at the margins, like The Go Betweens, Vic Godard, Jad Fair and Sufjan Stevens who adopt  particular personal perspectives to describe the world that they see and their efforts to find their place within it. This goes back to Lou I suppose most of all.

The band's Spotify playlists indicate where this kind of sensibility is rooted. Velvet Underground, The Roches, Tom Tom Club, Richard Dawson, Smog, XTC, Silver Jews, Grandaddy. All huge ticks from me. A cursory listen to their own songs immediately confirms that Burning Hell belong in their august company.

A songwriting alliance out of Newfoundland, Canada, formed between songwriter Matthias Kom and multi-instrumentalist Ariel Sharrett and musicians who coalesce around them. Alternatively wry and tender and touching, A realsation of the way the world is but a constant imagining of another better place.  Garbage Island is as good an entre as any to their universe.

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