Friday, October 21, 2022

Albums of the Year # 65 Kids on a Crime Spree - Fall In Love, Not in Line


Now this is tremendous. From it's opening notes where it announces in no clear terms exactly what is going to do. It's Fall in Love, Not in Line, the wonderfully named album from Kids on a Crime Spree, on Slumberland Record which seem to specialise in this kind of treat.

The statement they make immediately and continue to make is that they are here to celebrate one essential moment. The one when you turn 15, have a great set of like-minded friends who dress like you, love the same things that you do, namely The Ronettes, The Ramones and The Jesus & Mary Chain and are ready to rush, full throttle towards the greatest years of your life.

Fall in Love, Not in Line does this with undisguised glee for the course of its ten tracks, none of which breach the dreaded three minute. Its complete hommage start to finish. Never pretends to be anything else. But the test with this kind of thing is, are the songs up to scratch and in this case the answer is a definitive yes. 

Great to see the riffs from the Velvet's What Goes On and The Who's I Can't Explain thrown in for good measure at various points though generally they stick with rigid discipline to the JAMC, Ramones and Spector formula. And why not? Terrific fun!

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