Monday, October 24, 2022

Albums of the Year # 62 Ghost Woman - Ghost Woman

Another of the fresh explorations in to the wonders of yesterday which the likes of Allah- Las excel in. Ghost Woman's eponymous album joins the dots between Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape. the Paisley Underground scene and Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

That's my review in a nutshell frankly. If you like those artists, you will almost certainly like much of this. Ghost Woman explores absolutely no fresh territory but nevertheless covers plenty of deeply wonderful familiar ground with great skill.

The sound of clanging, chiming reverb guitars and lush harmonies essentially. There are records that try to exist in the present and those that simply don't because they revere the past too much. This is certainly one of the latter. That's not intended as a criticism in any respect.

I come across a record like this every year pretty much. One that shines a light on this golden era of the American guitar at the frontier of a new consciousness, 65-67. If Cool Ghouls or Allah La's put out a record during the year it's generally theirs. Looks like Ghost Woman are set for this award this year.

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