Sunday, October 30, 2022

Song(s) of the Day # 3,196 Backseat Lovers

Utah's Backseat Lovers map the difficult passage from late adolescence to adulthood in second album Waiting to Spill. It's a record that reminds me of the first couple of District albums and sure enough they turn up on a number of times on the band's Spotify playlists.

These are strummed slightly pained songs that seem aching to stretch their wings and become fully fledged anthems, but their bands innate taste and restraint won't let them.

I enjoyed listening to Waiting to Spill. even though I knew it wasn't really made for me. I don't feel emotions quite like these anymore. When I was 19 I had The Replacement to listen to when they hit me.

Nevertheless it seemed clear to me that Backseat Lovers talent is quite palpable. Plenty of people, mostly round about their age will readily identify with them and play this record to death. I'd say they have some future ahead of them.

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