Saturday, October 29, 2022

Albums of the Year # 57 SAVAK - Human Error/ Human Delight


SAVAK, from Brooklyn are the most glorous, throwback American Punk / Rock & Roll band. Reminding me of everyone from Mission For Burma, Husker Du, beefier R.E.M., Pere Ubu, and Guided By Voices and all of those are some of my very favourites, they're angular, melodic and muscled, a wonderful combination. Intriguing too.

Latest album Human Error / Human Delight finds them honed and more than punching their weight. It's a model lesson that no music has really ever had its day so long as the people playing it are as good as this. It's such a damned clever record, but like the best Mission for Burma, Husker Du, R.E.M, Pere Ubu and Guided by Voices records doesn't surrender its meanings cheaply.

That should mean you want to listen to it again. I've been listening to it for most of today and I imagine I'll feel the same way about it tomorrow. Next week too. It's a delight to hear that records as good as this which sound like this are being made in 2022.

I enjoy listening to it for the wonderful things it reminds me of and also for its own virtues. A restatement of essential and eternal values. 

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