Sunday, October 30, 2022

Albums of the Year # 56 Boris - W



I'm not a huge fan of leftfield, largely instrumental art noise. God Speed You Black Emperor and Mogwai largely leave me cold. It all feels rather like an exercise in cool to me. But this new record W, from Japanese noiseniks Boris took my fancy from its opening notes yesterday.

Their debut album for Sacred Bones Records  goes straight for the Art. Driven mainly by whispered male and female vocals in Japanese. It's a record just drenched in suffocating atmospherics that functioned for me almost as an Official Sound Track for a Horror, Surreal or Splatter movie that you can script in your head. The kind of thing Tarantino might like.Or fans of My Bloody Valentine actually. 

Not a record that comes with labels or explanation but all the better for that. Although I'm not generally a prescriber of the excessively loud (which much, though not all of this is), in  W's case I'll make an exception.

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