Thursday, October 27, 2022

Albums of the Year # 59 Black Lips - Apocalypse Love


I had begun to wonder whether Atlanta Punk stalwarts Black Lips were past their sell by date of late, but they've come good again with latest album Apocalypse Love. Multiple changes in their line up around core members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley and risky dabbling genre wise had made me think they'd lost their way, but they're fighting fit once more here.

Remarkably, almost a quarter of a century into their career, a milestone you hardly expect bands like Black Lips to reach,  Apocalypse Love is eclectic to say the least. Country, Punk, Rock & Roll and even Rap are all touched on but it's still an enthralling, listen all the way as the songwriting is so solid.

Of course with this band there are the usual key components. Cramps and Ramones derived Graveyard humour, plenty of clanking of chains, Southern soul, Nuggets inspired Rock & Roll and more. The sense that you're listening to one of the last, genuine gangs.

So while this is recognisably The Lips, it's good to see them intent on moving onwards. The core of the band's magic has always been their deep and profound knowledge of music and insistence on not taking it all too seriously. They're an inspiration and guiding star for younger bands as to how to plot an enduring and remunerative career in Rock and Roll.

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