Saturday, October 22, 2022

Albums of the Year # 64 Laura Veirs - Found Light



I didn't rush to listen to Laura Veirs new record Found Light for some reason. I'm not sure why not. I've liked her stuff previously. I think I didn't care for one of the taster tracks, Eucalyptus, heard in isolation.

Still I got round to listening to it yesterday afternoon. It was exactly the right moment to do so. We've been suffering or experiencing something of a heatwave where I'm living for the past few days. In my case the latter.

For me the heat, or rather the humidity is quite intolerable. I'm working from home and I sweat and suffer as best I can to make it through the night. Barely able to sleep and during the day I wilt at my desk until I can get out and actually make the most of it for a while.

In this respect Found Light is a godsend. Never have a weather spell and a record been so well suited. It's a positively sultry record, just made to be listened to on the hottest day of the year.

Definitely a concept in terms of mood. It all has the still, airless quality that any fan of Girl From Ipanema will appreciate.

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