Sunday, November 6, 2016

Songs of the Day # 1,022 Grass Widow

It's galling to come across a band you go for on chance discovery only to find they seem to be no longer active. This seems, on the surface at least to be the case with San Francisco based Grass Widow from whom little has been heard since their last album 2012's Internal Logic, from which these four songs hail.

Very much in the mould of other, earlier  female outfits, The Raincoats, Essential Logic and LiLiPUT, with plenty of those groups brash punkiness but updated by solid production, (even though their's is clearly a lo-fi sensibility), and an assured, dense group sound, their records are well worthy of investigation.

Quoting Raincoats Gina Birch 'and you ask me if I'm a feminist. Why the hell would I not be?', their concerns might not be readily apparent, as what they're singing about is buried in the mix. Still, it's an indisputably beautiful, committed sound, familiar of course given those earlier precedents but with a warmth, urgency and drive all of their own. Hopefully, they're brewing up something new.

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