Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 1,038 Joanna Newsom

During the same session at Rosie's I was highly tempted to put the song above on upon discovering that there was a whole raft of Joanna on the jukebox. It seems the eccentric possibilities of that thing are opening up endlessly. I decided against it, feeling that it was too much for Rosie's even on a slow night for the bar. I shan't be so remiss next time I'm there and its quiet. I have needs too.

 It seems that last week was Sufjan Steven's week for me while this week is going to be Joanna's. Both of them suggested to me by my sister years back which I've been slow on catching up on. Joanna is an even more acquired  taste than Sufjan, (I saw her live at an alternative festival a few years back and she left me utterly cold),but I like these so much that I'll give it a go.

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