Thursday, November 17, 2016

Albums of the Year 2016 # 39 Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve

Rough Trade, publishing their list of a hundred best albums of the year a couple of days back has played gentle havoc with my own list, introducing me to all kinds of goodies late in the day. Still, that's fine, it helps things get more eclectic.

Here are Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, 'part folk-astronauts. part neo-romancers,' Erol Alkan and Richard Norris, (of  The Grid), with The Soft Bounce a set of diverse electro-dream tracks supplemented by star vocal turns.

It may not all be to your taste but there's likely to be something there to pique your interest. We've been here before, with The Chemical Brothers, Death in Vegas, UNKLE and others but it seems to be something that we British do particularly well. Here's a link to a Guardian article which tells a fuller tale.

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