Sunday, November 27, 2016

Albums of the Year # 29 Omni

There are three bands from Atlanta Georgia on this list. This constitutes something of a scene.

It's very difficult to discuss Omni and their new album Deluxe without mentioning the term Post Punk as a basic description. Because it's all here; Gang of Four; Pylon, Wire; New Order; Mission of Burma; and Magazine, all leap and collide at various points from the mix. That's a concoction which meets with my own taste and though the band, led by former Deerhunter and Balkans guitarist and singer Philip Frobos, don't tick any of originality's boxes they do keep things bubbling to a sufficient melodic and frictional degree to keep you entertained and diverted during the record's half hour course. Just what you want for a lively support for the time being, while the headliners prepare themselves backstage, and one to go to plump for you wish it was 1980, which is still one of the better go to places in living musical history.

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