Tuesday, April 9, 2024

12 Albums You've Probably Never Heard of, But Really Should (Part 1) # 9 Sunhouse - Crazy on the Weekend


Definitely a record wort hunting down. Sunhouse are best known for being championed by Film Director Shane Meadows and Uncut Magazine. This has a wild, windswept intensity that glows. For a while I just listened to Monkey Dead on a loop in the late 1990s. But there are othe songs here that are good enough to live with it. 

Gavin Clark, Sunhouse's singer and principle  songwriter was a considerable talent. He had alcohol related difficultiesand  gave up music and became a pizza delivery man. The house where Crazy on the Weekend lives is hardly a sunny one. These songs, grounded in Old Folk and Blues are bleak and despairing ones. No less resonant or special for that. 

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