Sunday, April 14, 2024

Song(s) of the Day # 3,707 English Teacher


A much hyped Leeds band that have risen quickly through the ranks and are playing the sizeable Boiler Shop venue, close to me soon in support of their debut album This Could Be Texas.

Generally, I'm suspicious of the kind of hype a band like this draw. I haven't been impressed by the likes of Black Midi, and Black Country New Road that have emerged to waves of adulation and rave reviews in recent years..

 There's also the dreaded sobriquet 'Post Punk' which is applied to any young British band that step up onstage with guitars, drum and bass and a trendy haircut these days. It's laziness frankly. Both from the press and also often on part of the bands themselves. It's high time to move on.

But hold on a moment because This Could Be Texas is a deft and sinuous record.It talks eloquently and with genuine craft and warmth about a world where there is an intolerance to difference. The world we live in frankly and does so by being engaged, different and not  resorting to  anger. I was moved and engaged,

It doesn't sound like the bands of my youth. There are no traces of The Fall, Gang of Four or Joy Division.  This is a record you need to listen to again and get to know on its own terms . 

With a singular frontwoman in Lily Fountaine and a deft guitarist in Lewis Whiting they seem immediately as ones to watch. I can't quite work out why this is riding the wave it clearly is right now but it's credit to the band and the audience that are attaching themselves to it that it is. This seems a record to return to and get to know in the coming months and one that will reward this effort.

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