Wednesday, April 10, 2024

12 Albums You've Probably Never Heard of, But Really Should (Part 1) # 10 Crepes - In Cahoots

 Hey. Another band from Melbourne. Just what the world needs. This lot are somewhat MOR and easy going but typically offbeat and quirky outfit, appropriate for the part of the world they hail from. In Cahoots draws from the well of leftfield pop that Courtney Barnett most notably started to draw on ten or more years back.Amother fab set of funfare rides.


  1. On Twitter last night, somebody suggested thinking of a random name and searching Spotify to see if that band name existed, and if they were any good. That's how I discovered a Melbourne band called Back Pocket who have a pretty good recent single out. Don't ask why I thought of 'back pocket' to search, I have no idea where that came from!

    1. I like the soud of that. Darren. Will check it out. Back Pocket is a good name for a band. Melbourne must be a great place to live music wise.