Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sebadoh - act surprised

It's really quite refreshing to hear new records by bands like Sebadoh nowadays. They know that their golden days are behind them, that they're not going to be on magazine covers or sell truckloads of records. The pressure is off them. So they can do what they always did without anxiety of how it's going to be received. As a result they and their kind generally put out pretty good stuff.

So, following on from Buffalo Tom, Bob Mould and Meat Puppets, all of them contemporaries of Sebadoh first time round and all of whom have returned with noteworthy releases in recent months, their own new album act surprised is a very reliable piece of craftsmanship from the trio. Full of short, sharp bursts of the kind of tunes they were renowned for, slightly dark edged pop, bridging the gap between Grunge and The Buzzcocks.

The band know full well that anyone who liked them first time round will like this too. It does nothing that their original records didn't do but it does it just as well. Lou Barlow has a knack for this stuff after all. You'd probably need to act surprised to be taken back by what's going on here, but you might be pleasantly impressed. It's a really solid record.

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